Forecast Assessment

A Forecast Assessment is a simulation of forecasting algorithms (whose explanation is included in the Agenda of Demand Planning & Forecasting course) applied on the historical series provided by the customer.

  • – Historical series of sales: historical volumes of sales for all the valid combinations item-customer, item-location, item-warehouse, item-country or simply items, at monthly or weekly level

Input: Historical sales for all the valid combinations (last 2 years of sold volumes)

Output: Forecasting plan for all the valid combinations (for the next 1 or 2 years)


  • – Excel spreadsheet with demand forecasting for all the provided combinations {sku / customer} or for all the provided skus
  • – Dynamic chart showing patterns of historical sales and calculated forecasting plan


  • – input: historical sales for some skus at monthly level in 2016 / 2017 years (24 historical months)
  • – output: forecasting plan for 2018 (12 months in the simulated future horizon)