Replenishment Assessment

A Replenishment Assessment is a simulation of replenishment strategies on the valid combinations of item-store, item-location, item-warehouse, item-customer.

  • – Valid combination: a couple item-location, meaning that an item can be sold to a customer having stock in a given warehouse

Input data:

  • – Historical sales for all the valid combinations (last year of sold volumes/values)
  • – Historical average inventory level for all the valid combinations (or final stock levels at the end of each week in the historical perimeter
  • – Lot sizes (minimum, maximum, multiple), lead times

Output data:

  • – Double ABC classification revenue-inventory for all the valid combinations
  • – Optimal replenishment strategy for each provided combination
  • – Coverage interval lenght calculation
  • – Spare parts and sporadic item optimal stock levels


  • – Excel spreadsheet with Pareto ABC classification
  • – Replenishment strategy matrix + algorithm parameters