FORREP delivers Forecast as a Service (FaaS)
Forecast as a Service (FaaS) is a periodic generation service of Forecasting Plans, delivered to companies wanting to periodically receive accurate and reliable Demand Forecasts – every week or every month

  • – With FaaS, Forrep delivers demand forecasts related to future sales for the products (or product/customer, product/warehouse combinations) included into the business perimeter of a manufacturing / distribution company, operating into different vertical businesses (FMCG, manufacturing, pharma & care, food & beverage, fashion & textile, luxury, retailing & e-commerce)
  • – FaaS provides companies with Demand Forecasting Plans, showing the best estimation of the products volumes to be sold in the planning horizon
  • – The calculation levels for the Demand Forecast Plan can be different: {product / month}, {product / week}, {product / location / month}, {product / location / week}, being the location a customer’s site, a wholesaler’s warehouse, a Point of Sales, etc.
  • – The periodic Forrep FaaS service can be delivered monthly / weekly (for the operational forecasting feeding short-medium term replenishment or production plans) or on a yearly / quarterly basis (for feeding Sales Budgeting processes)


Forecast as a Service (FaaS) delivered by FORREP works as follows:

1) With a contractually agreed frequency (quarterly, montly or weekly), the Customer delivers to Forrep the historical series of sales related to all the combinations (products, product/customer, product/location) included into the FaaS project perimeter, using Excel or csv files or database tables.
2) After receiving the historical sales, Forrep FaaS generates the rolling forecasting plan, spanning all the periods into the planning horizon.
3) Using Cloud Computing technology, Forrep delivers – in a protected cloud repository – the forecasting plans (quarterly, montly or weekly), not later than a contractually agreed delivery lead time (ex: not later than the second day of each month).

  • – The input data and output data repositories are located on the Cloud.
  • – The forecasting plan is delivered using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets: sku/customer combinations on the rows, weeks or months on the columns
  • – For guaranteeing the Customer Privacy, the items can be transcoded, calling the different items as P0001, P0002, P0003, etc.


Number of sku or number of combinations {sku – customer}, {sku – warehouse}, {sku – store}.

The Forecast as a Service (FaaS) service is billed quarterly.